Case Study

Kitchen Refurbishment in Wisbech


The project's core objective was to seamlessly integrate a pre-purchased Wren kitchen, encompassing installation, ceiling plastering, and floor tiling.

Client's Brief:

The clients entrusted Excell Homes with the task of bringing their vision to life – a well-fitted, modern kitchen with a Wren kitchen at its heart. The scope extended beyond mere installation to encompass ceiling plastering and floor tiling, ensuring a comprehensive transformation. The clients were keen on realising a kitchen that merged form and function seamlessly.

Project Evolution:

Excell Homes embarked on the project with a clear understanding of the clients' expectations. The integration of the Wren kitchen, combined with the additional tasks of ceiling plastering and floor tiling, proceeded according to plan. Excell Homes maintained open communication with the clients throughout, assuring them of steady progress and involving them in key decisions.


Challenges and Solutions:

A minor hurdle emerged when a few panels of the Wren kitchen were damaged during delivery. Excell Homes swiftly addressed the issue, promptly replacing the damaged components to ensure the project stayed on track. Furthermore, the team identified that the mains stop tap and plumbing did not meet expected standards. To rectify this, Excell Homes undertook the renewal of the stop tap and completely overhauled the plumbing in the kitchen. Their proactive approach ensured the final result met their high-quality standards.

Location and Scope:

The project unfolded in the charming locale of Wisbech. While the project fell within the 'small' category, its significance lay in the intricate installation process and the integration of various components to create a harmonious and functional kitchen space.

Positive Outcome:

Excell Homes' precision in executing the project led to a kitchen that fulfilled the clients' expectations. The seamlessly fitted Wren kitchen formed the centrepiece of the renovated space. The ceiling plastering and floor tiling seamlessly merged with the existing layout, resulting in a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Client Satisfaction and Adaptability:

The end result aligned with the initial expectations, speaking volumes of Excell Homes' commitment to delivering exactly what the client envisioned. The replacement of damaged panels, alongside the plumbing improvements, demonstrated their adaptability in addressing unexpected challenges. The clients were left highly satisfied, their trust in Excell Homes reinforced by the successful project completion.

In conclusion, Excell Homes' kitchen refurbishment project in Wisbech exemplified their proficiency in integrating client-provided materials into a cohesive design. By surmounting minor obstacles with swift solutions and adhering to their commitment to quality, Excell Homes showcased their ability to elevate a space while ensuring the client's vision remained at the heart of the transformation.


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